Ventrelles In Manchester!

Ventrelles Castle Hotel 27.08

Sold Out All Proceeds Go The Venue!

How beautiful does that sound for independent venues, after the last 18 months!

Ventrelles fronted by Phil Knox bring their sonic sounds to a packed back room in the castle on Bank Holiday weekend..

Introduced by Leon The Pig Famer, with his dulcet Yorkshire tones, and his pounding street beat poetry. A call of arms to the working classes. His set mesmerised the audience and whipped them up perfectly!

The roar filled the room as Ventrelles plugged in, and what a wall of sound.

They had released new single A Symphony Of Sorts (Produced by Dean Glover) earlier that day, which is up there with the best songs they have ever recorded!

Live it sounds like a crescendo, a mancunian sonic landscape, layered with poignant lyrics and wearing its references proudly on its sleeve.

“We could watch the part time lovers (Stevie Wonder) sitting on a broken bench”

And nods to Sinead O’Connor

“At a fancy restaurant”

Go check out the video you will not be disappointed!

Recent singles County Lines and Call Of The Morning sound huge. A real four to the floor vibe, let’s talk about the floor – Everything you want from a Manc crowd boogying, arms in the air singing those big choruses back!

Knoxy and the band slowed things right down with the
“I-pad philharmonic orchestra” providing the beautifully arranged pre recorded strings.

The song is Stop – You will be hard pressed to hear a more tender, angst filled northern anthem – Stunning song, real vocals and shout out to those strings!

The boys ended the encore with little played, much loved she’s got it down.

Just Phil and Connor on the stage stripped right back, it was originally going to be called Shenna’s got it down!
A fitting end to a triumphant home coming.

The Castle Hotel is an iconic venue on Manchester’s independent music scene. Full of character, and full of characters most weekends!

Ventrelles produced a set that proves that; even through the hard times independent music will always win!