Playlist Update Feb 21st

Tune in all this week to hear music from the following artists.

Evening Playlist 2022 New Tracks from 2022
Artist Track
Alphabetamines Drink Too Much
Electric High Colourful White Lies
Lucky Iris (I\’m Not Good At Writing) Love Songs
Sophia Garvey Post Break Up Sex
Invisible Squirel Nicholas Bloody Parsons
The Jojo Man Band Plastic Fantastic
Big Image Crazier
Sky Diving Penguins Run Boy Run
Megan Wyn Better Of You
Pink Rabbits Home
Amelia Coburn Please Go Gently
Vega Rally Infinity \’93
Joe Adhemar Dopamine Girl
Legacy 2020 FRom 2020 and before
Artist Track
Shader Be My Saviour
Citylightz Swinging Bombs
DDE\’s Cherry Soul
Glass Violet Chemicals
Quivers Hold You Back
Hightown Pirates The Ballard Of The Hightown Pirates
Polyhymns Down With The Kids
The Shed Project Lucky Number
Skylights Darkness Falls
Jay Tennant Star City Serenade
Spyres Fake ID
Lines Of Flight Birthing Bell
Legacy 2021 2021
Artist Track
Acid Dad BBQ
Lyon Tide Blind
Ynes God\’s Little Punching Bag
Ollie Winder & The LA1s Candy Floss Girl
Arson Whales New Isolation
Jackson Lucitt More Than Thieves
Moonlight Parade Wake Me Up
Joe Astley The Battle of Wigan Lane
Apollo Junction Two Car Family
Sean Buckley & Chris James Willows Pull
Lossline Emily
The Shop Window Break Down Walls

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