Under The Radar Manchester 4

In Your Ears Music Presents Under The Radar Manchester 4!

In Your Ears Music Presents Under The Radar In Manchester with Apostles, Gallahers Green & Mercy Kelly

Formed in October 2019, Apostles are Wigan Based Music Makers in the UK who aid indie rock revival by combining tunes of past and present to produce a quality sound with feel good, sing-a-long choruses.


Gallahers Green
Gallaher’s Green are a Manchester based four-piece rock band with a wide range of influences which include the The Rolling Stones, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses and many more in between. From their first ever rehearsal together in January 2020, the band worked tirelessly on perfecting the 13 chosen tracks which would become their debut album entitled ‘Lucky 13’.
Recorded over five days at Blueprint Studios, Salford in July 2020, the album encompassed the broad spectrum of influences which inspired them and was released on 12th February 2021. Independently released and without any PR support the album has grown organically and continues to attract a worldwide audience with listeners in countries including US, UK, Japan, Italy, South Africa, Mexico and throughout South America. To date, it has received over 110k streams on Spotify alone.

Gallaher’s Green never rested and as soon as social distancing restrictions at events were eased, they played as many shows as they could and introduced new material to the live set. The new songs were immediately well received by live crowds in venues across the UK. In April 2022, Gallaher’s Green recorded their full length follow up album ‘Dare To Dream’ at Voltalab studios, Rochdale which is scheduled for release on 31st March 2023.


Mercy Kelly
The Greater Manchester 5-piece formed during the winter of 2019; channeling a stirring mix of Chameleons-esque guitar sounds and stadium sized melodies. Originally starting out as an acoustic songwriting partnership between frontman Jack Marland and lead guitarist Adam Bridge, the group gradually morphed into its current incarnation with new members Joel Buckley, Leon Hepke and Jack Brogan joining on drums, bass and rhythm guitar respectively.

Setting a vision from day one was key, and after writing an albums worth of material the band spent the last few months of 2020 recording their debut run of singles at Manchester’s Vibe Studios, homeplace down the years to legendary bands including ‘James’, ‘Inspiral Carpets’ and more recently ‘The Blinders’. Working with well acclaimed producer Dean Glover proved to be a match made in heaven for a band with influences deeply rooted in the Chorus Wave sounds of 80’s suburbia. ‘Anymore’ acutely blends the gothic and jangly influences of that era whilst announcing the bold artistic intentions of the band; the reinvention of romanticism in a 21st century guise.

The band now approach 2023 with the intention of making a fresh statement with their music. Linking up with Ady Hall and Lee McCarthy at Sugarhouse Studios has expanded the sonic palette of the band and unlocked sharper pop sensibilities.



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