The New Music Radar Playlist

There is always some mega tunes out each week. The New Music Radar team select some and put them in a cool playlist!

Here are some that pricked our ears…

The clause

Fake it

You got to fake it, til you make it. Think @theclauseuk have definitely made it with this absolute stomper of a track!

It’s an actual earworm, press play and let it live in your head.

Jen Dixon

Less than a Feeling

Our incredibly talented @jendixonmusic has released an EP , here’s the title track Less than a Feeling.

Check out the full EP, showcasing an outstanding musician, variety of tracks that everyone will identify with 🎶 Stunning songwriting.

cara mcbride

The Trailer

If you aren’t already following @caramcbridex then we suggest you take a listen of this incredible vocal on her new single The Trailer and show her some support.

Powerful track , got totally lost in this one.

The Heavy North

Round Again

It’s the start of the week, what better way to start it. The sweet sound of that harmonica and some absolutely filthy guitar work from The Heavy North! Th

civic green

Better The Devil You Know

Marvellous, marvellous, marvellous!! “You have to be bold, you have to be brave!” What an inspirational tune from @civic_green !!

All about positivity and determination even when some might say Better the Devil You Know!! Love it!


Piece Of Mind

I feel like @lewca lulls us into a false sense of security with Peace of Mind! 80s synth pop vibe as an intro (reminds me of sommat) and then BANG- there he is! Punchy! Making his point! That’s Lewca!!


the arlos

Debbie The Dealer

Here’s @TheArlos with their latest offering. Catchy, upbeat and a declaration of love for Debbie the Dealer! They love all the things she does, but then everyone deserves to be loved, eh?! I wonder what stuff she does.

jamie webster

Voice Of The Voiceless

I think it’s safe to say that with a title like Voice of the Voiceless you know @JamieWebster94 has a strong message to put across! This is very melodic and has lovely vocals, but you could belt it out on a protest march no problem!!

The New Music Radar Playlist