The In Your Ears Music Podcast EP1

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The In Your Ears Music Podcast is a show you can listen and discover new music.

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Below is links to all the artists featured.

Artists Featured

Alffa – TwitterSpotify

Apostles –TwitterSpotify

The Avenues –TwitterSpotify

Brave Liaison –Twitter Spotify

Casino –Twitter Spotify

Delights –Twitter Spotify

Dictator –Twitter Spotify

Emily Capell –Twitter Spotify

Gazelle –Twitter Spotify

Hot Glue –Instagram Spotify

Katanak –Twitter Spotify

Lissy Taylor –Twitter Spotify

Lucky Iris –Twitter Spotify

Palo Alto –Twitter Spotify

Parlours –Twitter Spotify

Shambolics –Twitter Spotify

Silvi –Twitter Spotify

Sour Punch –Twitter Spotify

Spangled –Twitter Spotify

Sunzoom – Twitter Spotify

The Hazy Janes – Twitter Spotify

The Heavy North –Twitter Spotify

The Islas –Twitter Spotify

The Mysterines – Twitter Spotify

Tilly Louise –Twitter Spotify

Youth Sector –Twitter Spotify


Ady Hanson – Twitter

Dan Hughes – Twitter

Ings – Twitter

Kimbo – Twitter

Lewis Duckers – Twitter

Old Indie Kid – Twitter