The Clockworks – Mayday Mayday

Galway-bred, London-based band The Clockworks announce long-awaited debut album, set for release on 10th November.

The new single Westway is the first taste of the band’s forthcoming debut album, EXIT STRATEGY, recorded with Grammy, BRIT & Mercury Prize winning producer Bernard Butler at Abbey Road Studios and Love Electric Studios.

Speaking on the track, and the decision to release the album’s final song first, singer James McGregor says “We were inspired by the writing and production of ‘50s Doo-wop, Phil Spector and Motown. Westway is the album’s final track, so we are beginning the album’s story with the last scene in the same way that some of the great films, like Goodfellas, begin at the end.”

Explaining the album’s genesis and cinematic influence, James McGregor says: “We were always sure we wanted the album to be greater than the sum of its parts, so decided to create the world of a film, entitled Exit Strategy. We envisaged the record as a series of snapshots, telling the story of a group of characters trying to navigate through life.”

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