Summer Sessions with Jasper Erkens

So today I’ll be giving some live commentary on the self-produced album ‘Limbo Terminal’ which I released in 2021. Stream it via

I’m pressing play now!

1. All of it:   Kicking off the album with the intro track ‘all of it’, a metaphorical interaction between a spider and a mosquito, inspired by autobiographic events of trying to avoid manipulation by sharks while navigating through the treacherous waters of the music industry.

2. Weigh Me Down:   One of my personal favorites of the album, ‘Weigh Me Down’ is an internal conversation about inner strength and personal motivation in the face of adversity and indifference. It was the last track I wrote before packing up and sending the album to be mastered,

3. True Love:   “How can this be true love, when you love only yourself?” After finding the courage to confront and terminate a relationship that appeared to be toxic in retrospect, what follows is period of stoic determination where you’ve broken free from mental restraints.

4: My Heart In Your Hands: Jung said: For small decisions use the MIND, for big decisions use the HEART. Big decisions are not always straightforward though and are often accompanied by doubt. This song describes a nostalgic memory of a snapshot in time that seemed perfect.

5. Guilt Trippin’: This track is about the necessary climate-change-guilt-trip we’re collectively going through. I broke my foot in 3 different places whilst shooting the music video in a forest so it’s definitely worth checking out if you ask me!

6. Isolate Urself: As the title suggests, this track was written in the midst of the first lockdown, when a primal fear temporarily awoke inside. It actually awakened a type of anger inside of me, which was quite surprising, hence the intensity of the track.

7. Limbo Terminal This track is not really a song, but it did feel like it really needed to be on the album (it even became the title track) for it felt very essential to us.
With the help of my dear friend and fellow musician @DavidSmithMusic) who narrated and co-wrote it with me, we made this odd futuristic spoken-word track almost for therapeutic purpose at the time. Glad we did!

8. Not Today ‘Not Today’ brings back some peace to the album, the lockdown situation had been accepted, the anger made room for understanding and we could start seeing some silver linings such as the lack of ‘FOMO’ during this time.

9. Inexplicable On that note, ‘Inexplicable’ continues the optimistic vibe of the record with the sweetest song of the album: “Our love is something beautiful we’ll never know why it feels so inexplicable”. This one words really well when playing live with full band!

10. We’re Alike ‘We’re Alike’ is about our similarities as opposed to our differences. It was scheduled for release right when the pandemic broke out, right before I recorded a last-minute videoclip. You can find it on youtube as well:

11. Your Words For some reason I ended up making loads of music videos for this record (perhaps because of the lack of concerts), so ‘Your Words (not mine)’ also has a videoclip on Youtube made by my buddy Stefan Hilterman

12. Digging For gold Is about constantly growing deeper, getting better and more essential as time moves forward. Occasionally you’ll find some nuggets of gold that you can carry along on your journey of better understanding.

13. Stranding This one is about urban solitude in the digital era. Apart from that I think you can interpret it however you like so I won’t sat too much about that. If you’re interested: @Fybeone made a superb remix of this track.

14. Twentyfourseven “This ain’t no nine to five, this is twenty-four seven, it takes me to hell, it takes me to heaven”

15. The last track of the album is solo acoustic and ties in with the first song ‘all of it’ as an attempt to make the album come full circle. “How could I refuse, the choices I don’t get to choose”. Acceptance of one’s situation is the most solid basis on which to build higher.