Summer Sessions – The Silver Lines

SLEAZE – EP This is a collation of songs that we’ve collected over the last two years not in our usual style, ranging from dance/groove led tracks, hip hop influenced tracks, and disco songs all full of synthesisers. All linked by the lyrics.

Love Made, started out from a bass riff I had that we played in reverse. Joe C our bass player tidied it up, looped the riff, added the drum samples and the string synths. Dan the singer then provided some absolutely filthy lyrics. “Spill my milk, lick it clean”

The Itch – a hip hop influenced track. Joe C had a Gorillaz influenced bass line, which Dan added his vocals too. I then added some clean jazzy guitars which together with the horns and Kindo’s percussion give the outro a menacing feel.

Talking To Myself -wrote in rehearsal, Kindo and Joe C are locked in a tight groove, the wah-wah guitar push the track along and the slide guitars under the chorus make it stand out nicely. Nice whisper vocal by Dan.The disco outro leads nicely into the next song.

The Big O – a disco track with some great falsetto vocals by Dan. Joe C and I had separate bass and guitar riffs that Dan told us to put together which formed the basis of the tune. Nice funky outro guitar. Went down class live.

Packet Racket – a bit of fun we knocked up in the studio in the last hour. We used to sing the song in the pub. A nice touch by Kindo putting the claps on the offbeat, listen closely to his ad-libs. Going to be our walk on tune at our next big headliner.