Summer Sessions – The Coronations

We all ready to go? Lets begin!!


This started off as a full song for a different project I was working on. It was a kinda Black Sabbath type vibe. It didn’t work as a Coronations song. So we took the main riff and used it as an intro.

It’s all kicking off

The spark for this song was the harmonic picks. Marko was using then in another song,but it wasn’t used. Hearing them in insolation inspired a simple drum & bass and Sam had lyrics ready to go. It’s a Terrace song for the casuals.

The breakdown here was all very organic when writing- it just felt right

Saidan Blood

This started with the bass. We often jam between songs on rehearsals & loads of our songs are born that way. Lyrically it comes from Sam’s time in Afghanistan. Along with lyrics we tried to capture the darkness anger of this experience.

Outta My Head

This is balls to the wall Belfast punk song!! Not much else I can say on this……

Dead Forever

This track was actually intended for a punk side project called – Have a go hooligans. It was complete apart from some lyrics which Sam finished.
It’s really a working class song, about growing up in a dead end town but always holding on to your hopes & dreams, making the best of the hand you’ve been dealt. I’m glad that the band embraced this track because it is an absolute belter to play live & always goes down well.
It was also one of the occasions were the bands sound evolved again. – Mark

Breath Away

A song about the loss of someone close, and how someone feels about that loss. A very poignant a deeply felt vocal from Sam, it conveys the meaning of the song brilliantly.


This was a track that I had written 20 years ago. My original version had harmonica on it, though it was only ever a home demo of sorts. Sam heard it & asked if the Coronations could use it. It was a no brainer.
We kept it stripped back & Sam’s vocal just added to the emotion. Lyrically it’s a song about my best friend Dave & what he went through with bad depression & sadly he felt he’d had enough and could no longer go on.
The thing that is just a sad & worrying,is that 20 years later the song is still very much relevant. There’s now more of an understanding now about the subject because back then you didn’t hear just as much about it. These days,everyone knows someone that has been affected.

Sniff it All Away

Just another hedonistic Belfast Punk number. Great riffs and great vocals! This is a going out song. Gets you on the mood for 3 day bender!! This is another that’s brilliant to play live!!!

Shine Your Light

Again, this came together in rehearsals. Mark had the opening guitar riff. I think the drums came next, Alan does a brilliant job on this and through out the album. We loved the open simplistic feeling of the song.
Bass is very basic chords with a bit of chorus. The whole thing creates an almost cinematic feel. Topped off with Sam’s lyrics and vocal we knew we had a belter!

The Fight

We wrote this in the same session as Shine. We must have been feeling the open vista type vibe. This again has that cinematic feel, lyrically it’s a bit dark, but counteracted by the music itself.