Summer Sessions Sam Lambeth

#SUMMERSESSIONS. Our listening party series continues now with

@samlambethmusictaking us through his Love and Exile album. Press play join the discussion on #SummerSessions.

1). Dog Days Are-A Comin’ – Again One of the many songs where the title came first. It was not meant as a riposte to Florence & The Machine!
As a bit of a joke I wanted Henry to bark at the end of the song, I thought it would be easy and a cool throwaway. Turns out it was the hardest thing to get on the record!

2). How’d You Find Me – I wanted this to a blistering rocker but then the harmonica changed things and made it a bit more country. Funny how you go into the studio with such a specific idea and you leave with something totally different!

At this point, I should praise our producer, Ryan Pinson! The man is a magician, a good listener but also ‘the twelfth man’, able to offer real unbiased insight and opinions that I really appreciate.

3). When Love Ain’t Enough – I always wanted this to be the first single as it felt bare, raw and real. It was a brave choice but when it hit 50,000 streams I felt justified…not to mention shocked! This song told me I was on the right path.

4). The King (You and Me) –  Everyone wanted this to be the 1st single but I wanted to build momentum beforehand. It did really well and opened so many doors for me. Chorus was written in 2011…took me 9 years to finish the bugger!!

I should now say thank you to Zoe brittle, who came in and made each song her own with her beautiful piano playing!!

5). Things You Lose On The Breeze – A last minute addition because I wanted love & exile to be under ‘albums’ on Spotify and thus I needed 7 tracks!!

6). When I’m With You – A song I wrote in 2017 that I always believed in and carried with me! Once again, Zoe made it her own with the piano. This one’s about the passing of time and doubt, two things I usually write about.

7). The Scenic Route – The big long one! I just wished we’d made it longer on the record tbh…not that my mom does . I love playing this song live, it’s like an out of body experience!