If your interested in having your tracks played on our radio station/Podcast then that’s awesome! We at In Your Ears Music love to showcase independent music!

Please Send your tracks in to our track manager ED at submittracks@inyourearsmusic.com

Please remember that ED works full time as well as his role with In Your Ears, so If you haven’t received an email back it doesn’t mean we will not play you. We get over 20 emails a day!

When sending in your track pleas give us as much information as you can. A bio, Picture if you can and make sure any swear words are edited out, Please also send in an MP3.

Please note that inyourearsmusic.com does not pay for airplays of your music on the online radio. When you submit music to inyourearsmusic.com you agree on having your song played on the online radio and/or added to a podcast without any payment. Should you disagree with the use of your song by inyourearsmusic.com please inform the radio using the email address available on the website. If you are on a label, please check with them that they agree to these rules. Please ensure that you own the rights of the song you submit to us, the radio is not liable for any misuse of a song for which you do not own the rights.