Single Review – The Shed Project – If you know you know

No waiting around for these bunch of fine fellows.

Hot on the heels of their debut album The Curious Mind Of A Common Man, The Sheds have wasted no time in going back to the studio and the unofficial “Hardest Working Band in The North” have cracked on with writing and demoing album number 2 and are due to release the first single IYKYK this Friday the 29th July.

Starting off with a big riff that brings back The Second Coming era of the The Stone Roses, the band kick in and Roy’s vocals are front and centre.

It follows on perfectly from the album closer Friend but shows a progression in the boys sound and the confidence that they must of got from the well deserved positive feedback the debut album received.

With all the traits of a big live crowd pleaser, I’m sure this will soon become a firm favourite amongst The Shed Army.

There’s a great part where the piano also kicks in and compliments the guitars perfectly. Bass and Drums are thumping along and with Roy building the track to its end wig out.

As a marker for what is to come from T’Sheds in the next 12 months then this is again a fine statement of intent and continues to establish them as the “Peoples Band”.

If You Know You Know, you’ll be adding this to your playlist on the 29th and if your new to The Shed Project then this is no bad place to start.

Onwards and Upwards.



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