Red Rum Club And The Royston Club Review

Red Rum Club & The Royston Club

30th September 2021
Riverside, Newcastle

Writer: Dan Potter

After a fairly busy week, I found the time to review what was a super night a week ago.

I first discovered Red Rum Club in April of 2020 by inviting them to be part of what was my first ever #DPHappyHour listening party the following month. An hours playlist showcasing the best upcoming bands in the country with all the bands tweeting along sharing the stories behind the songs.

We played Would You Rather Be Lonely on that first listening party and I’ve been hooked since, along with thousands of others.

Now on to the gig, the main support came from The Royston Club who are another of my lockdown finds, a band that I’ve interviewed on air, a band that have done a takeover of my listening party and more importantly, the writers of top tunes. So, to say I was buzzing when I found out they were on support duties is an understatement.

The 4 piece from Wales have released a string of brilliant tracks (and 2 great EPs) and have been doing superbly well in selling out venues on their own headline tour.

Opening up with two songs from their debut EP ‘The State I’m In’ from March 2020 was a solid opening statement. Both Young and Believe It Or Not begin to warm up a growing crowd. It was particularly nice to see people around the room singing along to the track.

Then into their most recent release The Backburner, seemingly about the break up of a relationship, although again in typical TRC fashion, they turn the sad subjects in life to singalongs, very Paul Heaton like. PS – At this juncture I feel I must add Ben Matthias (TRC lead guitar player) fingers are definitely getting longer, spanning multiple frets on his pink strat with lovely played licks. Slight jealousy issue incoming, on both the guitar and the length of fingers front.

Then the perfect indie song Mrs Narcissistic followed by ‘One for the OG’s’ as lead singer Tom Faithful shouts out and they play Shawshank. I wasn’t quite an OG but not too far behind so I feel a great sense of pride that I know the lyrics to this one.

The boys finish their set off with a trio of their biggest tracks in Cold Sweats, Tangled Up and the ultimate air guitar anthem, Mariana.

If the role of the support act is to warm the stage for the headliner(and win some new fans along the way) I’d say The Royston Club did a super job.

Time for a quick beer in between the changeover of acts and the stage was set for Red Rum Club. Decent venue this one, Riverside, despite the never ending walk to the toilets.

Arriving on stage to possibly the most buzzy bass sound ever, literally ground shaking, the scene is set for an incredible performance on the first night of their tour.

Francis (lead singer) has effortless charisma, working the stage brilliantly, he really is captivating. They open their set with a recent single Nightcalling which comes with the instantly recognisable trumpet line from the genius Joe the Blow.

Without hesitation they move into tracks from both of their released albums so far, Matador and The Hollow of Humdrum. (Vivo, Calexico and TV Said So).

Then the party gets into full swing with one of their classics, Ballerino. A song that has the most perfect lyrics twinned with a chorus / trumpet part which is more infectious than covid. At this point the venue is bouncing and I’m off to the bar for another. So what if it’s a work night?!

Into a trio of groove laden tracks in Dorado, Honey and the magical track Brando. Special mention for the guitar line played in the latter, reverb fused with the Wild West working in tandem to create a lush yet understated guitar line and tone. Really smart playing.

Next up is the song that I do believe is truly a classic indie pop track, The Elevation. Again, the crowd of bodies start to move to the funky bass line, great to see a varied age range in the venue too I must say, speaks volumes.

The run of songs towards the back end of the set shows the band have the kind of strength in depth most premier league managers would dream of. Tune after tune is belted out which means this feels distinctly like the beginning of something, a path to bigger stages, bigger venues and a solid career.

Vibrate (love the lyrics in this tune about texting in CAPS, genius!!!), Angeline, Love Me Like You Wanna Be Loved and then finishing off the main set with another singalong classic, Eleanor. E L E A N O R. (Sent this to my friend Chrissy Baker who’s wife is called Eleanor, they both love it).

After a brief standing at the side of the stage to listen to the now routine one more song chant, the lads return. Possibly to stop that god awful chant I’d like to think.

If the end of the main set was great, then the encore was next level, Kids Addicted followed by their biggest anthem to date, Would You Rather Be Lonely to close the show off. The story of the song is very amusing and written as a true story observed in real life. You’ll have to ask the lads nicely and they may tell you.

As they leave the stage, the band say they are heading to the merch stand to meet fans. For me, this shows they are still humble enough to mix it with sweaty mosh pit fans. Brilliant showmen and proper grafters, what’s not to like?

As I finish off this piece I am reminded of the beauty of new music. A few weeks earlier I was at NBHD festival watching Sam Fender when I got talking to a lovely couple from Newcastle. I recommended they go and see RRC the next day in the big top.

Fast forward a few weeks and as I walk into the bar adjacent to the venue, who do I bump into? Yes, the same couple who say ‘Dan, we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t meet you at Neighbourhood.’

Wow, that is why we work so hard in everything we do here at In Your Ears Music. Spreading the word and fighting the good fight for the new music scene.

In Red Rum Club and their support The Royston Club, well, let’s be honest, I don’t have to work too hard at all.

Red Rum Club new album How to Steal the World available to pre order now.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little read!

Dan Potter
Radio Host
Gig Reviewer
Team IYE