Radio Playlist Update 30 Jan 22

Jay Tennant The Black Angel
The Dots You’re The One
Sunzoom Pour Me Another Wine
Community Swimming Pool Another Heart
Cat Dowling All That I Can Do
Arctic Lights Renaissance
Silvi Rain
The Kairos Round The Bend
Sam Lambeth Nod My Head
The Shop Window Lighthouse
Grace Eve Zombie Conversations
Sean Buckley & Joe Peacock Corridors
Rianne Downey Fuel To The Flame
JJ Lovegrove Ghost
Lewca What Went Wrong?
Lee Cullerton The Heron
Holy Coves Know Who You Are
The Mariners She Said So
The John Michie Collective I’ll Write Your Constellation
Enola Fall Little Pheonix Baby
Quivers Hold You Back
Cobain Jones Wonder
Jake Davey Break The Wheel
Subterfuge The Good Good
Hannah Robinson Dig Me Up
The Tropicanas Go To Sleep
Sky Diving Penguins I Don’t Want, I Don’t Care
Moonlight Parade No Way Of Knowing
Mikey J So Tired
The Chantepleures Polaris
Gabriel’s Dawn Loose Canyon
Amelia Coburn The Cheese Song
Leigh Thomas Something About You
Neilio & ELYXIR Mother Mania
Neon Liston Say It Anyway
The Frestonians Lock Away My Soul
The Haciendas Passion Fever
Elena Duff I Will Be Purified
Fan Theories Kids In Heatwaves
George Hennessey Go With The Flow
Isyla Sapphire
Joeys Love In Doses
Skylu Foreign Concept
Mexican Dogs Run, Run, Run
Nice Guy Shame