Radio Playlist from 24th Jan 22

Kill The Giants Rule For Us
Silver Haar & Joe Adhemar The Trip
Sean Buckley & Joe Peacock Corridors
Granfalloon The Pigeon
Grace Eve Zombie Conversations
The Kairos Round The Bend
Silvi Rain
Chris James Willows Slow Speed
Sam Lambeth Nod My Head
The Shop Window Lighthouse
Jenny Stevens / The Empty Mirrors No I Wouldn\’t Call It Love
Super 8 Out Of My Head
Rianne Downey Fuel To The Flame
JJ Lovegrove Ghost
Lewca What Went Wrong?
Podracer Inhuman
Holy Coves Know Who You Are
Lee Cullerton The Heron
Jet City Sports Club Bloodhounds
GreenCircles 21st Century Blues
The Superlatives Gypsy Fighter
Spyres Fake ID
The Shed Project Lucky Number
Tiger Mimic Where The Fire Used To Be
Subterfuge The Good Good
Community Swimming Pool I Don\’t Know
The Tropicanas Go To Sleep
Sky Diving Penguins I Don\’t Want, I Don\’t Care
Moonlight Parade No Way Of Knowing
Hannah Robinson Dig Me Up
Lottie Indigo
Portobello Express You Cry
Jackson Lucitt Text Back Blues
Arson Whales New Isolation
Pastel Blu
Mantraray This Is Not A Pop Song
The Magnettes Monster
Jay Tennant The Black Angel
Erika Grapes Into Dust
Ruby Moss If you Are
pMad Medicine
The Fantines Three King
Jody and the Jerms Heavenly
Michael Vickers ft Isla Wolfe Don\’t Stop
Ooberfuse Vanish The Night
Loops & Loops Just Be You

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