Radar Release Volume 1


Friday is a big day for many Artists as this is the day they release their music to the world!  The Radar Release will showcase 3 or 4 new releases that have been submitted to us by Bands or their PR Company’s.


“When It Rains It Pours”  With The Maitlands

With the vocals being described as lying somewhere between a drunk Morrissey and a sober Mark E. Smith, it is hard to not make such comparisons, but with their garage/indie/alternative roots, The Maitlands are carving their own unique sound. Playing regular gigs in and around Manchester, they are starting to form a regular and faithful fan base. With numerous gigs and festivals lined up for 2020 it will see them stretch their legs further afield. New Single “When It Rains It Pours” possibly Mailtands heaviest song yet taking inspiration from early 70’s heavy metal but giving it a Manchester indie rock spin. The song was written to commemorate the life of singer Carl’s Auntie Sue Rain; “It’s a light-hearted look at her life from my childhood memories”.
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Tom Houston’s Campbell’s Kament

Tom Houston is a compelling singer/songwriter from Central Scotland.  He has received widespread airplay on BBC Scotland where he was Songwriter of Note on the Iain Anderson Show in April 2017.

The ‘Gap in the Fence’ series of singles continues Tom’s long term collaboration with the legendary Neill MacColl. The album boasts a talented crop of musicians such as Kate St John, Benn Nicholls, Mattie Foulds, Me for Queen and the Robson twins.
This single is the latest release in the ‘Gap In The Fence’ Series. The inspiration behind the song stems from Tom’s love of rivers and in particular the Whanganui River in New Zealand which was granted legal personhood in 2017.
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Brake Loose Dublin Daze

Irish hard rockers Brake Loose return with ‘DUBLIN DAZE’ after receiving support from the likes of Radio Nova, Vents Magazine, and Overdrive.ie. ‘DUBLIN DAZE’ shows them coming back bigger and better than ever bringing their heavy guitar riffs, dirty bass, tribal drums, catchy and repetitive melody, edgy and emotive yet raw vocals (Jim Morrison-esque) but this time bringing their spoken word poetry with a mischievous touch.
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