Interview With Northern Revelation


So How did you Guys meet and get the band together?
I initially set up Northern Revelation as a side project whilst in a previous band, I was disillusioned in the other band but needed an outlet for the Music I wanted to write and record.  I know i made the right decision in starting my own thing. John Lloyd (Lloydy) answered an ad i placed for a bass player and we got on right from the word go. He is a good lad is Lloydy. Oisin, the drummer, was the last member to join us after things weren’t working out with our first drummer. Oisin is a quiet kid, but a really good drummer. 

How did you come up with the Name the Northern Revolution?
I am a Northerner and the music is a Revelation lol.  There wasn’t really too much thought went into it to be honest.

Through listening to your track you give us Stone Roses vibes, Who are your influences?
The Stone Roses are a major part of my life, they were always being played in our house growing up.  My dad is a massive Roses fan. I’ve told this story before but I was taken to The Stone Roses Spike Island soundcheck on the day before the gig, as a nine month old. John Squire is something special on Guitar. The Smiths and Johnny Marr in particular is another big influence, as is Oasis, The La’s, Cast, The Bunnymen and even Angus Young from ACDC. 

Our Favorite track is History, Which track of yours is your favorite.
History has a really big chorus and it doesn’t follow the usual, verse chorus verse standard.  I really like playing Divide And Rule live. It’s the opener to our live set. It’s an in your face kinda song, sets the tone for the gig.

How do you guys put your music together?
To date it’s always been the same formula. It normally starts with a guitar riff then the guitar becomes more structured with the Chords and the all important solo, then the vocals, then I will have idea of how I want the Bass and Drums to sound. I will pass the outline of the Bass and drums on, and then Lloydy and Oisin bring their skill set to the party.

What would you change about the music industry?
Well, the very first thing I would change would be Northern Revelation getting a record deal,  lol.  We just do what we do and hopefully good things will follow on from that. To be honest with all that has happened this year the Government need to back the music venues more. Venues and pubs that host live music have really struggled this year.  Our last gig to date was at The Vine Tavern in Thatto Heath, they have been put into lockdown again. Hopefully they can get back up and running and they will  be able to have live music events again without all the restrictions that they had placed on them as quickly as possible. Good luck to James and Sarah. 

What new bands have you been listening to lately?
There is a band from Bolton called The Shed Project, we have become mates with them, they write some proper catchy songs and they are good lads as well. There are some young kids from Liverpool called Cassiddy, we have done a couple of gigs with them, they are worth you checking out.

What’s Next for you guys?
As there doesn’t seem to be any end to lockdowns and restrictions anytime soon, it’s just writing at the minute. We are back in the recording studio in January.

Thank you Darrel for the interview, Northern Revelation is defiantly a band to get in your ears!