New Footie Show Top Bins

We are pleased to bring to you a new show called ‘Top Bins’ which will be aired live for the first time tomorrow evening (Thurs 11/8 8pm) on Mixcloud. 

To listen;

Download Mixcloud – follow In Your Ears Music 

At 8pm click ‘live’ tab on the app and you will see IYE broadcasting. Click play and that’s it. 

The show will also have live interaction – get involved by tweeting using #TopBins or using the live chat function on MixCloud. 

What will the show feature?

Myself and Lewis Duckers will be chatting football, specifically the Super Six games and looking at the league table so far. 

Playing music by the bands who have supported this initiative. 

Preview of this weekends super six games and offering our ‘expert’ opinion. 

Special guests throughout the season. 

We want these shows to be short and punchy, we hope it comes in under an hour.

We hope you can tune in and listen tomorrow and you may get a shout out or your music played!! 

Again, thank you so much for your support.