#MissWriter Interviews Nocturnal Coast 

Thanks for taking the time to chat for In Your Ears Radio, tell us about Nocturnal Coast?

Hey, I’m Alex Cain, the drummer and all-around nice guy. The band consists of me, David Gavan (Guitarist as well as a head case), Joe Murdoch (Bassist and fashion icon) Luke Saleh Sauders (Singer/guitarist and Mo Salah’s biggest fan), Milan Reid (Keyboard/guitar and any other bloody instrument the talented bastard). 

We’re all from Crosby in Liverpool and we all went to the same school Sacred Heart which is a cool fact. Me and Luke created the band 5 years ago, but the full Nocturnal ensemble started 3 years ago. 

What’s your favourite single to play live and why?

My favourite is ‘In the Jac’ because it’s the one that is sung back the loudest at gigs I think and it seems to properly go off live, plus when David plays his guitar solo, I get to go ham on the drums at the end as well so it’s an all-around good time tbh

What part of being in a band do you love the most?

I absolutely love playing live and seeing the audience’s reaction to the music we’ve created together, it’s nice putting a smile on people’s faces especially people we’ve never met before.

Who have been your biggest musical influences? 

I love a band called Deaf Havana they’re not that well known but they’ve done really well for themselves, they’re humble and each album they’ve done is different, so they haven’t just stuck to the same sound and sold out. The biggest influence for all of us though has got to be the 4 lads from our city The Beatles they’re incredible and just acted like the scouse lads they were, and the world took them with both arms.

If you could collaborate with anyone as a band, who would you choose? 

This is such a hard question because there are so many, my answer would change every time you ask! But at the moment I’d say Anderson Paak, the stuff he’s done with Bruno Mars is awesome. 

He’s worked with some incredible artists, and I’ll be able to get some drumming tips off him as well haha!

What has been the highlight for Nocturnal Coast so far? 

Our debut single Strange to translation being played on BBC Radio Merseyside was a great achievement for us!

There is a growing crew of people on Twitter supporting the new music scene – what can we do to support you? 

Just sharing the word about the coast, following us, retweeting our posts, and liking our posts. Share our tunes to your followers, tag us to any music accounts, reviewers, and radio stations. Slide into people’s DM’s telling everyone how boss we are as well.

In Your Ears champion ‘under the radar’ bands and artists, who are some of the standout artists you’ve found recently? 

Rivver are a great band from Wigan to check out, Urban Architects are our local mates who we’ve played with a few times they have great tunes and put on a show. Our very own Milan Reid has his own solo stuff which is brilliant as well. Also check out the lovely Mary Hennessy she writes great songs and has a beautiful voice as well

What’s next for Nocturnal Coast? 

We’re getting into the studio very soon to record a new single, we are supporting Fuzzy Sun at The Jacaranda in Liverpool on the 1st of December through the promoters luminescent and another show at future yard in Birkenhead on the 12th supporting Ali Horn through the great promoters EVOL. We’re hoping to organise a wonderful tour around the country and hopefully record some more amazing songs to grace all your ears. 

“We’d just like to say a big thanks for the interview, everything going on now, bands and artists need as much support as possible so it’s great what you’re all doing! Hopefully more people will realise we’re one of the great unsigned bands coming out of Liverpool”

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