Miss Writer Interviews Pryma

Tell us about Pryma, who are you and what are you about? 

Pryma is a band within the UK, down in Kent. Pryma are a four piece band and are made up from; drums, bass, guitar and vocals. Pryma have been together for around two years now. Prior to this the band was named renegade. We like to be creative and experimental when it comes to our music, we enjoy taking risks with new sounds and \”out of the box\” structures and sounds. We enjoy making music that can be interpreted by everyone in an individual way. We\’re here to have a good time with people who appreciate wacky and different music.

 How did the band come about? 

The band came about when Gaby was 12 years old under its original name of Renegade, where she got the name from a B side song from her favourite band at the time, that was Paramore. Then Gaby wanted to write bigger and better things and needed to find new members that would assist in doing so. She found Ant the bassist first and then set about looking for a guitarist to help lay down the overall foundations to the songs we were writing. We went a couple months writing material without a drummer before we found Dom eventually. He had to learn songs we had already had in the bank before we started writing new things as a full band. Now the band has been together as a full line for nearly 2 years.

For anyone that hasn’t heard your tracks before, how would you describe your sound? 

We would describe our tracks to be loud, energetic and catchy, with every song ranging from different styles and ideas. We feel having this approach to songwriting allows the audience to have more of a variety to listen to, rather than having the same sound and feel through our songs.

Your latest single Masquerade is out now, what can you tell us about the song? 

Masquerade is a very upbeat, high energy song with a catchy melody, a killer guitar solo, a powerful backbeat being supplied by the drums and a unique bass line that supports the verses beautifully. The song is guaranteed to get you moving when you need that certain push. It also uses elements of Spanish flamenco to give it that overall theatrical feel.

You talk about heavy riffs, where or who do you draw your inspiration from?

Well for me, I love heavy riffs. I draw them from a number of influences. The big one is black sabbath. Obviously because Tony Lommi is the riff master. And the overall style of blacks sabbath\’s riff driven songs inspire me all the time. Then there\’s the metal bands I love, maiden, megadeth, type o negative, Alice in chains etc. They always give me inspiration. Not to mention other old school bands like deep purple. Then there\’s the individual players themselves. Marty Friedmman, Steve Steven\’s, Angus Young and Jerry Cantrell are some of my favourites. Guitar based music is where I often draw from.

How do you think 2020 would have been different for you as a band if Coronavirus hadn’t happened? 

It would have been different in so many ways because at the beginning of the year we had already performed at the escape bar west in London, Battle of the bands in Folkestone at the Harp restrung and The Forum in Tunbridge Wells. We had also won our heat to ensure our place into the final so we would have been preparing for that and also other numerous shows. We also would have been looking at recording a debut album or EP and then maybe went on the road to promote it.

You say on your twitter bio that you do what you do because it’s fun, what’s the most fun part of being Pryma? 

The most fun part about being in Pryma is that we aren’t afraid to experiment with different sounds or genres. Every song we have written has been a different blend of all of the members\’ favourite styles of music. We’d also say that it’s fun being able to have a voice and not take ourselves too seriously.

Where was the best gig you’ve played together? 

Our best gig was probably our 2nd gig as a band, we took part in Folkestone battle of the bands on the first night with three other bands. We went on third, after listening to the first two bands and they were pretty good so we knew we had to smash it! We ended up winning but everyone loved us so it made the night that much better.


If you were headlining a gig and had to pick three other upcoming artists to support – who would you choose and why?

It would have to be be our friends Stuck/Down, cleopatrick and frank Carter and the rattlesnakes

What’s next for you? 

What’s next for us is basically putting out new music and being active on our social media as much as we can until we can start putting on live shows again, but we have new music on the way with music videos booked in so make sure you check us out on Facebook ( @prymabanduk ) and Instagram ( pryma_uk ) for updates!

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