Miss Writer Interviews Phil Ciarletta

Miss Writer + Phil Ciarletta


Hey Phil!! Thanks for taking part in our #MissWriter interview series for In Your Ears Music.


Tell us a little more about you – how did you get into music?

Hey Amy Louise, I first got into music way back when I was in primary school, I saved up my pocket money and bought a guitar and taught myself how to play. I would learn songs and play them at family parties, before starting out at open mics etc. Then in 2020 I kicked off my current Singer-songwriter project, releasing ‘The Sesh’ in August that year. Since then, the momentum has grown and I have been lucky to play in great venues across the country, meet amazing people and make class memories. 


Are there any particular artists that influenced you when making music or that got you interested?

Yeah, I would say a wide range including – •Gerry Cinnamon •The View •Paolo Nutini •Oasis •Tom Petty •The Stone Roses •The Libertines 


What do you enjoy the most about performing?

I love the buzz and the positive energy you get when performing, and the positive connections you establish with audiences which leads to lasting memories for us all. 


What song of yours do you like to perform the most and why?

‘The Sesh’ … and you will see why at The Sessions haha. To add a bit more when I play across the country, this is the song people shout mid-set ‘play the sesh’ or ‘we want the sesh’ etc you know the drill. 


If you were headlining a major gig, which three under the radar artists or bands would you pick to support?

Love this question, I would go with firstly, Megan Wyn as I would love to bring her up to play in Scotland. Secondly Adam Barrett, what a voice and is a legend when it comes to covers. Lastly, Louis Croft, another artist I would love to bring to Scotland. 


There is a growing crew of people on social media supporting the new music scene – what can we do to support you?

Keep getting behind the music, sharing the love, buying our songs, merchandise and attending our shows. You are all part of our journeys, and the support is much appreciated as always and goes a long way. 


You’re playing The Sessions Live event in aid of Macmillan Cancer, what can we expect to see and hear from you?

I will go with the songs from my back catalogue that everyone wants to hear, and I may chuck in a cover along the way, we shall see. Don’t want to spoil the surprise haha. 


What’s next for you?

More songs, shows and good times!