Miss Writer Interviews La Club Royale

La Club Royale are the new kids on the new music block, find out all about them here!

Introduce yourselves, who are La Club Royale? (Anything in particular you’d like to share?)

Alright everyone, we are La Club Royale and we are an indie / electronic duo consisting of Lyle Kennedy (Vocals/ lyricist) and Connor Adam (Guitar / Producer) and we are both from Ayrshire in Scotland.

As you’re a new act on the independent scene, how would you describe your sound?

Our sound varies to be honest, we have been experimenting with lots of different sounds so each release will be like a progression towards that full electronic feel we are looking for. Our debut single for example, is a bridge from what we used to do which is that typical indie sound mixed in with a hint of the synth/ electronic idea we are after. It\’s certainly an exciting journey we are on and want to share it with as many people as possible.

I know you were both part of another band Ranzas (who were brilliant btw) how come you decided to do something new together and what do you like about working together?

Thank you Amy, we really appreciate that! We both felt that we had taken Ranzas as far as we could and decided to call it a day as much as that was a very difficult decision to make. Connor and I said we would still write songs together even if we weren\’t going to release anything. When we started writing fresh new material it became apparent that we both felt the songs were too good not to release and that the new genre of music we had based the new songs on was like a brand new challenge that we wanted to get our teeth into, so from there LCR was born.  As for working together, we just click and the past 8 years we have been writing songs together consistently and we both understand our writing process and goals, so it\’s class we\’ve got this opportunity now to showcase what we can do now in a sort of different genre.

Your debut single Rise Up is out Friday 5th March – what’s the song about?

\’Rise Up\’ is about that special someone in your life who\’s been there for you, who has helped you turn your life around when you were a bit lost in life, basically devoting your life to them in return.

2020 was a major washout in relation to live music and actually just leaving the house, what positives have you taken from the year?

2020 was a stinker of year for everyone, but as musicians you have to adapt and find other ways of being creative. I think the positive we can take from it is we have written and recorded so many demo tracks that we\’ve now got a nice backlog of tunes sitting just waiting to be properly recorded and put out there.

With restrictions hopefully starting to lift now, will you be planning any gigs for 2021?

We really hope this is the start of clawing back normality (fingers crossed), in all honesty we haven\’t even thought about gigs, we\’re in a good place making music just now and working towards releasing a few tracks over the next few months which is our priority at the moment, but you can never say never. We do miss live music so much, we do hope that when gigs are back that everyone appreciates them more and live music thrives better than ever before.

What do you both enjoy most about performing live?

The best thing about performing live is the people, when the crowd is singing your songs back to you and the atmosphere is unreal, you just cannot buy that feeling, music brings people together. Suppose the free beer is alright too, if there\’s any left…

You mention that the LCR project will include mash ups and collaborations – who would you most like to work with?

We\’ve already started working with a few artists which is pretty exciting, that was one of the main goals in the project which was to collab with different artists in order for us to learn and take this music journey as far and wide as we can. We\’d love to collab with Soulwax, their Fontaines DC remix of A Hero\’s Death is absolute top tier!

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

We\’d change it so that there is fairer pay for musicians, it\’s a must. The structure from top to bottom needs to change as too many of us are being ripped off and the big dogs are making all of the profit them being the likes of the major music streams and even some venues. It needs to change for the better as there are so many talented musicians out there who don\’t get near enough what they are owed.

Imagine you’re headlining a festival, which three independent artists would you choose to support and why?

It\’s a tough one to be fair, we would have Lucia and the Best Boys, because their sound is amazing and certainly a band we take inspiration from. Another would definitely have to be Dictator, the west Lothian boys are smashing it just now and their recent single ‘Moonlight’ is phenomenal. We would also have Brownbear there as well for him to perform the masterpiece that is his full album ‘What Is Home’ and stick ‘Retro’ in there as well. We\’d really have to add a 4th act to the bill, so talented Kilmarnock DJ/ producer Calypso Jet would be there tearing up the stage, what a line up that would be.

What’s next for LCR?

Our debut single \’Rise Up\’ will be released on Friday 5th March, available for pre save Now: https://show.co/kbiDCkR We cannot wait for this! We have already started working on our 2nd and 3rd releases which are taking shape nicely so the excitement is certainly building. We just hope people can see what we\’re trying to do and want them to join us on our journey because it has been brilliant so far and we haven\’t really even started so big things to come in the near future! Welcome to the club!


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