Miss Writer Interviews Grace Calver

Musician, music blogger and radio presenter Grace Calver
Grace is a singer-songwriter from Essex who writes tongue in cheek indie pop songs. Her new single
‘Bored of U’ was out on 20th May,

Hey Grace!! Thanks for taking part in our #MissWriter interview series for In Your Ears Music. Tell
us about you – how did you start out in music, what’s your story?
I started playing music when I was very young with violin lessons at aged 6 and then piano a year
later at 7. My music teacher at primary school told my parents they should get me classical singing
lessons as I was always that child at school wanting to sing and star in the school plays! I now have
ABRSM grade 7 singing and play guitar, rather than violin, which is how I started song writing. I have
been in a couple of bands since the age of 15 and tried lots of different styles including pop punk!
But I settled on my sound in the last year, which I would say is more alt-pop.

Are there any standout artists that influenced you when making music or that got you interested?
Bastille were the first band that ever got me into music, and My Chemical Romance were the first
band that made me think ‘omg I want to write my own songs!’. Now I’m very influenced by Mitski,
Declan McKenna and Waterparks – I just love their lyrics and how they write songs. Also, The Cure
are currently and always have been a big inspiration for me.

What do you enjoy the most about performing?
I enjoy performing my own songs and seeing people sing along to Zombie Conversations since its
release in February has been amazing. It’s a real buzz to play live and talk to people in the crowd, I
do tend to go into my life story sometimes when I’m talking about my inspirations for songs on
stage! I loved people at a festival recently shouting back to me, means I know they were listening!

Who are your three fantasy festival headliners?
I’ve seen all of these live and their performances are just on another level; so, I’d have to go with
Declan McKenna, Mitski and Waterparks AGAIN. I’m seeing My Chemical Romance this weekend so
they might become a dream headliner too.

Outside of music, what are your interests?
Outside of playing music, I also write a music blog on Instagram – The Grace Note Blog – and present
a radio show for In Your Ears Music called The Only Way Is Indie showcasing music from the East of
England which is where I’m based. I’m still a full-time student taking my A Levels this summer so I
spend a lot of time studying (honestly!!). I love going to gigs of all sizes, supporting my local music
scene and I’ve also got Hella Mega, The Killers and The Cure booked for this year! I’m a little bit of a
gamer and do love a bit of Animal Crossing and The Sims – I’d challenge anyone to a game of Mario

There is a growing crew of people on social media supporting the new music scene – what can we
do to support you?
You can find me on Instagram @gracecalverofficial or Twitter @GraceCalver_ and I’d really
appreciate a follow! Would love you to stream my two singles that are on Spotify as Grace Calver
too! (Thank you!!)

You’re playing The Sessions Live event in June in aid of Macmillan Cancer, what can we expect to
see and hear from you?
I play guitar, bass and piano and usually accompany myself live on either an acoustic or electric
guitar. I play a set of original songs (including my two singles ‘Zombie Conversations’ and ‘Bored Of
U’ which are mainly tongue in cheek reflections on my life and its ups and downs!

What’s next for you?
As well as a complete set of original songs that I already perform live, I have a book full of half
written songs and choruses that I am always trying to finish, I record voice notes on my phone all the
time of odd phrases or sing an odd line. So hopefully we can expect me to finish some of these and
get some more singles released and maybe an EP.

Instagram: @gracecalverofficial
Twitter: @GraceCalver_