Miss Writer Interviews CityLightz

Originally formed in 2009 founding members Luke Henry, Adam Bolger and Matthew Barnett started experimenting with the sounds which would soon become CityLightz writing debut track Thousand Dreams. 

Who are Citylightz? 

We are five mates playing music and living our best life. 

Fronted by lead vocalist/rapper B and singer/guitarist Luke Henry, lead guitarist Adam Bolger, Bass –  James Skidmore and drums Tom Churm.

The band formed in 2009, split up then later reformed, tell us the story about how that all happened?

We had a good run in our teens, we played loads of gigs got some great support, but I think we just wanted to call it a break. Life takes over you know. We still kept on touch being mates we just needed a break from the music it was hard work.
If I was talking to somebody who hadn’t heard your music before and I was explaining what Citylightz sounded like, what would you want me to say?

We always say a bit like arctic monkeys a bit like the specials, but in honestly we just play whatever we think sounds good as long as we all like it then it\’s on the list.

You have a unique style, fusing two genres, was that something you set out to do?

No, we don\’t even think about it we just play whatever we think sounds good, someone will come up with a riff we will all run with it!

When you look back as a band, is there anything you would have done differently or any major regrets?

I mean there\’s things we could have done differently but then we wouldn\’t be who we are or where we are and we are kinda happy with things right now

How do you come up with your songs?

It usually starts with a kick ass guitar riff, bring it to rehearsal B will write some words and it just sort of happens, if it doesn\’t write itself there and then it doesn\’t ever make it.

Of all of your songs, what’s your personal favourites and why?

Swinging bombs and Too Late are great to play live as well as Victims and the Victor\’s. Recorded They Don\’t Know Me and Thousand Dreams that we have released so far.Your next single My Life is out on 5th March – tell us about it ?

It\’s just about enjoying yourself, not caring about the haters. A bit like They Don\’t Know Me just doing what you love.What music do you usually listen to?

From Oasis to Kanye West to Guns n Roses, you name it we like it!

Imagine you’re headlining a gig, which three independent artists are supporting you and why?

Revivalry – really like these lot young and full of energy with a great attitude.

Moonlight Parade all top lads, great music.

Crimson Bloom like their style a lot.

What’s next for Citylightz?

We have just released the live at rockfields alum which has done pretty well the vinyl lands soon!

We are releasing the Rock n Road 3 EP which has 5 new tracks on including My Life.

We are holding fire on gigs until things get better but no doubt we will be back in the studio before the years out!


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