Julia Bhatt – Charmander

SEPTEMBER 21, 2022 (Miami, FL) — “I used to do ‘grab bags’ on Instagram where I would cover a few random songs, and I did like 100+ of those,” says 21-year-old Miami-based indie artist Julia Bhatt in reference to the title of her upcoming sophomore EP — Grab Bag out independently on November 17, 2023. “Performing songs on Instagram is what launched me into the public eye. So, I decided to call this mix of covers and originals ‘grab bag’ as a tribute to that.”
The first single release is a vibrant rendition of one of her favorite songs right now, Aminé’s “Charmander.” “I love the ‘fuck off’ vibe it gives, and I wanted to replicate it so badly,” she says. “I haven’t really recorded a rap song either, and that’s something I like to do. The energy of Aminé’s words just makes me feel better, I suppose.”