Interview with The Shed Project

The  Shed Project are a 5 piece band from Bolton who do all their stuff in a shed!! Their 5th single is coming soon.

  • Whats it like making Music from a shed?
    Making music in Johns shed is a nice chilled out process.When Roy and john started writing tunes in his shed it was just Roy and John on his acoustic….We got about 12 demos together and then got Tim onboard……Then we started to develop the demos into full on tunes then we released our first single Livin in jan 20.


  • Who inspired you to make music?
    We all have a massive interest in Music and we have all been friends since school so we were all brought up on various things…..nothing is off limits from Northern Soul to Heavy metal…….But i’m sure from the tunes we make you can hear The Stone Roses…The Las…Cast…The Mondays etc etc…….Our bass player Vince  is a massive collector of vinyl.Drummer Karl was gigging in his early teens watching bands like
    Cud and the New Fads…..
  • How would you describe the music that you typically create?
    We describe our music as Easy listening for the masses……
  • What is your creative process like?
    The creative process is Roy and John get the acoustic demo done…..Then Tim will create the drums….lead bassline etc……We then go in the shed to layer it until it becomes a tune….Roy lyrics are mainly about his life experiences and life in general..We are learning on the production side of things to and aim to get every release better than the last.
  • What other Independent bands have you been listening too?
    We are Big pals with Our Fold and The Jade Assembly who are also from Bolton and we hope to be doing gigs with them next year..Northern revelation  The Lathums Shader……loads of belting bands about at the moment 
  • Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?
    We are currently in rehearsals for gigs at Big Unit Studios in Bolton and hope to be gigging very soon.
  • How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?
    The internet is a great place for discovering new bands also for streaming etc…….Its also a great place to meet with pluggers bloggers etc to get our tunes out there.
  • We played your latest track on our Sunday Sessions, how did you come up with the track and what is it about?
    Roy wrote Do It while he was lying on a beach in fuerteventura…..its about having a positive outlook on life and just doing things without regrets…..your only here for a short time so fit in as much as you can…….We deliberately kept it low fi to give it a 60s feel….
  • If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
     For the bigger stations like radio x etc to give more airplay to the smaller unsigned bands….there’s a load of excellent stuff to be discovered.
  • What’s next for you Guys?
     We are currently working on our next single called Bedtime we are teaming up with local mental health and addiction group Whysup on this to create more awareness about the subject as the song is about a very dark time in Roys life…We are also rehearsing for gigs and cant wait to do the first one.Then hopefully do and Album.We have a raft of tunes and ideas so loads more to come so watch this space.You can check out the bands Socials and Spotify links below.