Interview With The DDE’s

DDE‘s are a 3 piece band hailing from Manchester with true indie rock in their veins. This band are the true embodiment of Manchester swagger and attitude. Strap yourselves in for some fantastic throwback indie tunes and Manchester power!

This is the first EP from the boys and it doesn’t disappoint , Catchy choruses,  chunky bass riffs , swaying guitar licks and even an orchestra ! These boys will leave you begging for more . The EP takes influence from indie, Brit Pop, Manchester and even a bit of pop punk. Powerful and fun from beginning to end.


How did the band get together? 

We have been together just under 2 years now.


What’s it been like creating and releasing an album during lockdown?

We had the songs already recorded and ready to go so it was just a case of pulling the trigger on them really. We have written around 8 new tracks in lock down though and they will shape the next ep that we are currently demoing.


Talk us through your writing process, what goes into writing your tracks? 

Its usually me (Dan) that’s come to the band with song demo’s that I have or even an idea. But its usually from me just noodling about and seeing what comes from that I guess. If something clicks then Ill work on a melody with the acoustic guitar then they sort of take a shape of their own. But since Alex has joined we have been jamming in rehearsal and new tunes have just been appearing from nowhere which is a nice change


What track are you proud of most? 

At the minute I would have to say “Its gonna get wild” we achieved everything that we love in a song in those 3 minutes. Haunting, strings, great melody and the layers that went into that track…but….its does change day to day to be honest


What was your last gig before lockdown? 

We headlined The Castle in Manchester and that was great! Its always amazing playing that place but this time we ad people coming in from off the street to see us play and we got a load of new fans that night as well.


What band would you love to support the most? 

Noel Gallagher, Kings Of Leon, Stereophonics. These are the main influences for us and we are not a shamed to wear those influences on our sleeves. If you like a certain type of music and style then why wouldn’t you want to write songs like that, It’s a no brainer. These would be the top 3 to support without a doubt.


What’s the best thing about our city of Manchester? 

The culture, the people, the food and just whole atmosphere of the city. I love the way it makes you “feel” its hard to explain but Its just such a joyous place to live. And walking down the same streets as some of your musical idols is un real at times.


If you could jump in a time machine to any gig from any era or any genre who would it be?

Great question, probably Oasis at Maine Road….That would of just been mind blowing! I have a few older mates that went there for both night and words can describe what it was like they said!

Tell us 3 albums you can’t live without?
Stereophoincs – Gotta Go There To Come Back
Eagles – The Best Of
Oasis –  Be Here Now

What’s next for you guys? 
World domination and to bring back the music we love to the masses!


You can check out DDE’s Tracks and Socials below.