Interview With Revivalry

Revivalry are the youngest band we have interviewed. They are a female fronted band with an average age of 14 and recently been getting a ton of attention from the independent music scene.

They new single Lost Bliss is out now.

So How did you Guys meet and get the band together?

We all go to the same school but hardly knew each other.  Ben (guitar) and Lewis (drums) got together through mutual friends and started jamming.  They then saw Connie perform in a school concert so when they needed vocals they knew who to ask!  Revivalry took shape.

How did you come up with the band Name?
Originally we were called Revival but there were other bands using that name so we just looked for something unique but similar.

Who are your influences?

We all have our own taste but in general : Arctic Monkeys, Green Day, Stereophonics, Slaves, The Cranberries, Metallica.

How do you guys put your music together?

We usually start with a guitar riff, which we then build around, change and generally have fun with.  Then we get some drums in to give it a structure.  The lyrics are sometimes influenced by the song or sometimes something we want to say.

What do all your school mates think of the band?

They react really well and are pretty supportive.


What new bands have you been listening to lately?

It is difficult to pick one or two out as we have had so much love and support from so many bands.  The new UK scene is buzzing right now so we recommend listening to Graeme Booth on Radio West Fife, Shiner Sam or Redders on Radio Free Matlock and Ady Hanson on Witney Radio. All of which support us and lots of other young artists.

Have you ever done any covers from the Film School Of Rock?

No, School of Rock is very cool and we do play covers in our live set but we have never gone in that direction, but maybe now we will.

Do any of your parents play any instruments 

Connie’s dad plays guitar in a couple of bands so he has been an enormous help to all of us and really helped us to move forward.

What’s Next for you guys?

We are booked for Kendal Calling which was delayed from last year so getting prepared for that is the main point of focus and we have some gigs lined up prior to that, including supporting The Mariners and Moonlight Parade.  In the meantime we are working on more music which we hope to be releasing in the near future.

This band have a great future and you should get them in your ears with the links below!