Interview With Nikita Skogen

Who is Nikita Skogen?

 I am Nikita Skogen, a 27 year old country singer and Songwriter from Norway,and recording artist in Nashville. Engaged and two beautiful kids. I am Also the founder of The Wood Music promotion Agency. I just released my debut single Break Your Heart.

How did you get into music?
 I started singing before I could walk. So my parents saw early on that This girl was made for music. In my teens I started writing Songs and going to a vocal coach. I Also performed at couple of times on local Evenes. I recorded a couple of cover Songs, but never released anything. I fell more and more in love with country music When I could understand the lyrics and the story behind the song. I loved how every country song had a personality behind it. When I turned 20 I got Sick with ME/CFS. So music was not a big part of my Life anymore. I Also started a family, and that came first. I am now 27, still have ME. But I have felt an emptyness .. a whole I needed to fill. And then covid happend , and my Producer Davis Branch was looking for new artists. I took a chance and sent him a message. I became my lucky day. He decided to take a chance on me, and I’m so glad he did! The fact that I can work from Home , in my Home studio and balance music and family makes everything easier. With ME I need to relax a lot, and I can do that When everything is done from Home. So I really appreciate the fact that Davis took a chance on me! Cause look where we are now!


How do you write your music?
I don’t play any instruments. I Only write the lyrics. So When I write Songs I think About what I want to write About, if it’s something I have experienced myself, or something from my friends live. I Ask myself what kind of song I wanna write. Love song, Break up song, happy song. And then Maybe I can come up with a line for the chorus. And I work my way out from that. On my debut single «Break Your Heart» I had the pleasure of having Davis Branch as my co-writer. We went over the song together, finding the right melody. Such a fun time!

Who would you like to work with?
Who would I like to work with, That’s a hard one because there are so many! When it comes to producers I am so happy with Davis that I have no plans on leaving him. When it comes to other artists there is a lot I would work with. But I do dream About a duet in the Future, with a male artist. I am a big Sean Stemaly fan so that would be really fun to do. He has Also worked with Davis Branch , so who knows. Maybe one day. When It comes to the females, I gotta say Kellie Pickler or Carrie Underwood. I Know that is way up high, but they have been my role models in country music. But I have to be honest and say that no matter who I would have the chance to work with, I would be lucky. Cause there are so many talented artists and songwriters out there!

Tell us about your latest track, whats the reception been like?
My debut single «Break Your Heart» was released on Friday November 13th. The reception has been amazing! More than I could hope for. I have gotten so many messages from people who love the song, and so many has shared. On Release day the song went straight to number 45 on iTunes UK country charts. I am very proud of that! I am getting messages everyday About the song Being added to playlists etc. so it has been more than I could have hoped for! 

Whats lockdown been like for you?
Here in Norway lockdown hasn’t been as bad as in other countries. The schools and kindergartens closed in march and April, so it was a lot having the kids Home for 8 weeks. But then it opened up before summer. So people lived like normal the whole summer. But now the Numbers are rising again. It’s scary. There are more rules. Schools are shutting Down and people are loosing their Jobs. So it’s scary now. But for me as a person it hasn’t been that bad. I am Home everyday, so that has not been any different for me. And the pandemic gave me the chance to Release my debut single. So it has been a Normal and surprising time for me I guess I can say. 

What have you got coming up in 2021?
2021! We are now working on my second single already. So the plan is to Release that hopefully at the beginning of 2021. I Also have Some interviews and stuff like that Coming up. And Some co-writes. Other than that I Will take it a day at a time with my family. Cause they are the most important thing in my Life. The fact that I now can Release music is a bonus next to that. All in all I am looking forward to 2021, in all ways!