Interview With Marquis Drive

From the deepest, darkest parts of the west midlands comes the sound of frustration, dreams and hard work.

Upbeat to the point of euphoria, these are anthemic choruses set amongst verses of everyday life. Yes, Marquis drive just might help you to escape the 9 to 5 and remind you that there is a Friday just around the corner.

How did you get together?

Some say it was a chance meeting in Wetherspoons, however, as some of us used to live in there, I suppose there was every-chance that a band would form!

It was Con and Mark started it off over 10 years ago, that\’s the drummer and the lead singer. The line-up was a bit different back then and the gigs were small and the band played quite a lot of original songs. At some point the band started to do 90’s covers and the gigs got bigger. Having earned a small army of fans the band took the chance a couple of years ago to go back to the originals. The line-up we\’ve got now has been assembled over years with Mark and Con being the consistent glue keeping it all together.


How would you describe the music you make?

The elephant in the room was always for years how much we say the “indie rock”or  “90s inspired indie” as they became- for whatever reason-dirty words, but that will give people a clue to the sound. Fortunately there’s a renaissance coming in this sort of guitar led sound, and, although we’ve had to age mercilessly before the thing got all-in-vogue again, we\’re gonna make hay while the sun shiiinnnneees (said in the Liam Gallagher way)

What is your creative process like?

Ed or Mat get the ball rolling with a song idea which get demo\’d. We listen to the demo for a while as a band and then we decide if it\’s worth developing. If it is, we start rehearsing it and everyone adds their bit.

It works for us.  

Tell us about the new single Truth Don\’t Shock, Whats the track about?

We\’ll let the listener do a bit of work on that one. What I will say is in our now global and technologically superior society (to all others before it) we have many advantages. This is a song about the disadvantages.


Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows? 

At just under 500 gigs there really are too many to mention. A headline gig at Mosborough Festival to 4000 people paved the way for us as an originals band and getting signed to Alan Mcgee’s Creation23 label, so that\’s one of our favorites. 

Least favourite venue would have to be Villa Park. Never played it, but for 5 out of the 7 of us that would be painful!


We\’re really honored and proud to announce that we have a big headline slot at Hednesford Town football club on September 5th. The club and the council have been magnificent to get a festival on given the current situation. Safety is obviously the priority, but if the local situation doesn\’t change it will one of the few big music events happening this year! Tickets will be limited, because of the need to be spread out, but capacity at the moment looks to be around 800. You will be able to get tickets soon via Hednesford FC\’s website. 


How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business? 

Like anything there\’s negatives and positives. It\’s opened things up and with effort and drive anyone can build a following now. It\’s not great for culture and 


If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

I\’m not sure we would. The internet gives you a great opportunity to find an audience and that\’s probably as fair as you can make it. There are however two things that would make everybody happier:

1) Make the price of beer cheaper at gigs. (making it free might be asking for trouble!)

2) More novelty songs. Music takes itself far too seriously at times. A good parody song might


It\’s been really hard not playing. We\’ve been so used to going out every weekend up and down the country that it still, even after the months of lockdown, feels strange not to. However, were also lucky that it\’s not stopped us from doing that much. We\’ve been able to get into the studio, recording new tracks and actually announced Oscar Harrison as manager a few weeks back.  

What’s next for you Guys?

We\’re obviously really looking forward to the Hednesford gig on the 5th September. After that it\’s onto our next release \”Spaceman\”. The cool thing with this song, is that it\’s going to be more than just releasing a single, we\’ve got some great music video ideas and surprises in store (i\’ll stop typing now, before i give the game away) but it\’s going to fun! 


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  1. Paul Drury Avatar
    Paul Drury

    Brilliant, great honest interview to a great honest Band, Up The Drive…… Truth Don’t Shock is song of the year ?

  2. DAVID TAYLOR Avatar

    Marquis Drive are absolutely awesome live , one cracking band on and off stage. They deserve everything coming their way ….. and it’s only going to be good things .

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