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Our community member Steve had the pleasure of interviewing this incredible Teesside female singer songwriter, she’s been heard on Radio X, BBC Introducing and now here with us on In Your Ears Music , The Daily Stars One to Watch 2023 talking about her Debut EP, upcoming gigs and 99% chance of chickens… Read more to find out what Jen Dixon has coming up in 2023

You have a new single out on April 7th and then an EP later in the year. Are they all new songs or have we heard some of them before? Is there a theme to the EP?

They’re all brand new! I’ve been gigging one of them for a while with the band so if you’ve seen me live you might have heard one of them. I guess there is a theme when I listen to the tracks, but they weren’t written like that intentionally. Also, some are probably about something different to what you think! So I’ll let you decide…

If someone had never heard you before, how would you describe your music to them?

I always struggle with this and think ‘I sound like me’. I do get a lot of Dido references! But do think the new EP is a little different to what has already been released, I was very conscious about playing them with the band so it has more of an indie pop sound than singer-songwriter.

When you write, is it lyrics or the music that comes first? Which is harder?

Lyrics is harder! I’m so conscious of what words can mean and be read as. But what comes first? They sort of come at the same time with me and a guitar. I start off with some chords and a little melody. Then normally progress the music and fill in the rest of the lyrics later.

Who are your musical inspirations?

When I was younger and drums was my main instrument I loved Buddy Rich and Daniel Adair, but didn’t practice enough to be anywhere near as good! I’m not sure I can pin point anyone in particular now that
I’m writing music, it must just be a collective of artists from over the years.

What is the best and worst things about trying to get noticed nowadays? Is social media good or bad for you?

For me the best thing is I just get to be myself. There’s no hiding on social media and people can tell if you’re fake. So my weird chicken and pizza loving self can just be free… The worst thing is seeing other people getting noticed by doing things that might ruin their integrity. You shouldn’t have to do stuff like wear skimpy clothes or do things you feel uncomfortable with. And their success seems to be short lived. It always makes me wonder if I’m doing the right things when I get overlooked. But you know what, if you
don’t like me or my music that’s okay!

If you could go back in time to any musical era, which one would you want to be part of?

I think the 80s and 90s had loads of musical progression, especially in terms of technology. I’d love to have been a teenager in those years so I could live through all the cultural and musical changes.

Who would be your ideal duet?

I’d love to do a song with Sam Fender. Not sure he’d want to do one with me though…

What is your Karaoke Song?

If I wanna win – Adele, make you feel my love.
If I’m drunk – Whitney Houston Dance with somebody or a Grease duet.

Have you had a favourite moment from releasing music so far?

I think a few things stand out. I remember the first time somebody asked for my photo when I played Newcastle O2 academy. Felt pretty cool. Getting my songs played on Radio X by the legend that is John Kennedy is also amazing. And I was in the Daily Stars Ones to Watch 2023 which was a proper nice

Where is the best place you have surfed? & where do you want to Surf?

I’ve only been up and down the North East coast. Saltburn with always be my home surf and its great!

What is the pecking order in the Dixon house? Who has priority? Are you in charge or do the dogs and chickens rule the roost? (bad puns intended)

Chickens > dogs > me. Obviously I’m at the bottom and if the dogs go too near the chickens they get pecked! So they normally take a wide berth around them.

Does pineapple have any place on Pizza?

Just no.

Who are your favourite new music artists around at the moment?

So few upcoming to shout about: Silvi, down to earth Scottish lass with an amazing voice. Docksuns from Sunderland are proper lovely lads, lucky to have shared the stage with them. And there’s a local Teesside band called Sugar Roulette who are making waves. You can see them all at Stockton Calling!

What are you plans for the rest of 2023? Gigs, festivals, more releases etc

I have a few local festivals that I’m really looking forward too! Next gig is 8th April at Stockton Calling. Second single from the EP will be out in May. Then the debut EP is out in June. So its a busy few months getting that promoted.

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