Interview With Glass Cave

Glass Cave recently released their new EP A Spin Around The Sun. This has some cracking tracks on like my favourite Eye To Eye! I managed to get a few questions out to the boys and below are their answers.

How did Glass Caves get together?

Classic stuff really, like minded musical taste at college. Were good friends and started making music, it was and still is a lot of fun.


How did you come up with the band name “Glass Caves”?

There’s lots of stories about this, my favourite is that we used to practice in a greenhouse. Our very own glass cave. 


I read about how you started off Busking, what was this like, do you still do any?

Busking was massive for us, it’s how we built a fan base and started selling out venues. Initially we were doing it for a bit of cash to pay for recordings but we quickly realised it was the most effective form of marketing that we could control. The best part about it is that we were physically meeting the people who were buying our music, shaking peoples hands when they bought a cd is so much better than a “like” on Facebook or Instagram. It just means so much more. We ended up funding our debut album purely through busking which was amazing really, we still try and get out as much as we can. 


How do you come up with your music?

It varies from track to track. Usually start with a beat or groove and go from there.


Who are your influences?

The bands that initially brought us together were the likes of The Strokes, KOL etc


Your EP A Spin Around The Sun is now out!! What has the reception been like?

It’s been weird not doing a tour along with the release. The best way to gauge it is at the live shows; the reaction, people singing along etc. Obviously due to covid we’ve not had any of that but the EP had half a million streams after a week so we’re dead happy with the online response! 


My Favourite track is Eye To Eye, I love it! what would you say are yours?

Thanks! Eye to eye means a lot to us, we wrote it about Connor our guitarist leaving. The lyrics on that and throughout the EP are probably a bit more personal than anything we’ve done in the past. Our favourite is “left or right” we tried some different ideas with the sound of that one and are really happy with how it came out. 


You’re from York, a Place I love to visit, what do you think is the best thing about work apart from the cool ghost walks!?

We busked a lot in York as Matt went to uni there but we’re actually from Pontefract. It’s a relatively small town near Leeds but we’re properly proud of it and how people have got behind us. 


You have £1 on the jukebox, what three tracks are you putting on at the pub?


Pubs, I remember them. Has to be some classics doesn’t it:


Stevie Nicks – Edge of seventeen 

American Boy – Estelle/Kanye 

The Snake – Al Wilson (for a bit of karaoke) 


You are in charge of booking Glastonbury, Who would be the main acts on all three nights?

Beyoncé – I went when she headlined but missed the set due to over indulgence. A massive regret, I’ve watched it back and it looked incredible. So if I’ve got the power to get her to re-create that it’d be an absolute winner.


The Strokes – Such a cool band, just how they are together made me want to be in a band. The tunes aren’t band either, so many bangers. 


Glass Caves – Glasto is an amazing place, top of our to do list is to play it. 


What’s next for Glass Caves?

It’s early days but we’ve just started making moves on album number 2. Watch out 

Thank you for the interview and by sure to check out and follow Glass Cave and their new EP.