Interview With Fuzzy Sun

Fuzzy Sun are a band from Stockport, Manchester They bring bring contemporary pop, infused with psychedelia, dipped in naughties R’n’B nostalgia, with just a hint of disco flare.


How did Fuzzy Sun get together and how did the name come about? 
4 eggs were buried deep in a desert about 20 years ago they were dug up and an inscription said place these together when hatching and naturally we formed a band. The name comes from a song of the same name by the wonderful Jim ORouke on his amazimg EP, ‘ Halfway to a threeway’ if you’ve not heard it you should go get a copy! 
How do you come up with the tracks? 
Happens in a variety of different ways, sometimes we will sit together and jam stuff out and then work a song out that way. Other times one of us may come with a Skelton of a tune and we flesh it out. Really depends on the tune. 
Who are your main influences? 
Our influences come in a variety of different forms, from film, literature, other artists or music. From a songwriting perspective John Martyn is a huge influence of mine, its hard to say as I can get influenced off many different people when we are writing rather than there being a few main things. 
You have some amazing tracks we love want love, what is your favourite track and is is there any that mean more to you?
Its probably some of the new stuff you haven’t heard yet to be honest, that’s really sitting nicely with me at the minute, maybe gentleman’s touch out of the released songs though. Some tracks have a more sentimental value to be in terms of content but on the whole they all have their own meanings and I wouldn’t want to place one above the other. 
I remember watching fuzzy sun for the first time at soup kitchen. It was great!! 
What has been your favourite gig so far? 
Wow yeah that was a while ago, really enjoyed that show. There have been a lot of personal favourites, Edgely park gig, doing the Apollo, our headline Gorilla show, and Academy gigs. I think the Academy 3 show at the end of last year was one of my favourites the crowd was electric and the vibe on stage was great! 
What are your views on the music industry, is there anything you would like to change? 
I had this question in another interview, its hard to say what you would like to change… I think you’ve just got to work hard and hope it all pays off. 
There are some cracking music on the independent scene at the moment like you guys. Who out there has caught your eyes? 
The Snuts, The Howl and the Hum, Kawala, Fontaines DC. Inhaler. Declan Mckenna. 
If you had to pick 3 vinyl that you could never live without, what would they be? 
King Cresote & John Hopkins – Diamond Mine
AC/DC – Highway to Hell 
Arvo Part – Alina 
to be honest there is a lot more but i had to try and pick a few. 
If you could go to any gig in history which one would it be? 
Lord above there is way too many…. I cant even pick what to watch om netflix, that’s sooo tough. Id have to see John Martyn at Rockpalast in Germany.  
What’s the best thing about Stockport? 

Apart from Fuzzy Sun…. probably that we are half an hour from Manchester one way and half an hour from the peak district in the other direction. 

What’s next for Fuzzy Sun? 
More music, hopefully more gigs when we are allowed to play again, just pushing on and creating.content for you lovely people!