Interview With Dan Potter

 Dan Potter is the man behind #DPHappyHour, Every week Dan get acts together with listeners and then play tracks from each act and tweet during. This has been a great way for bands to introduce themselves and stories behind each track and also gain new fans in the process.

On December the 9th In Your Ears Radio will stream a special episode of #DPHappyHour. We thought it would be good to ask Dan a few questions.

Who is Dan Potter?
A 40 year old north east lad, recently relocated to Nottinghamshire. Love music, guitars, golf and football.

Who are your influences in music?
I was a 90s teenager brought up on healthy diet of Britpop. Oasis were my first love and they still are, seen oasis /Gallaghers over 20 times in many different countries! Beyond that, really like pink floyd, led zep, eagles and so many more.


What is the best gig you have been to so far?
I think my first big gig was special. Oasis at Newcastle arena 97 be here now tour, Liam wearing a Newcastle top and keeping us all informed of the Newcastle v Barca score that was being played up the road. Closely followed by Coldplay at a Wembley for AHFOD tour, they get a lot of stick but they are incredible live.

You are one of the best at promoting new bands on the independent scene and have gained a loyal fanbase who take part in #DPHappyHour. Which bands have caught your eye recently?

There are just too many!! To answer this fairly I’m thinking of bands come to my attention in the last month…

Garden Party 

Vela Incident 

Sunstack Jones

Tell us about your history in music and the band you were in?
I was in a band for a fair few years, we done quite well but looking back I think we could of been even better knowing what we all know now. We got to the final of a national battle of bands comp. I still play guitar everyday now but just in the house. I buy guitars for fun!

On the 9th December you are doing a #DPHappyHour Special on In Your Ears Radio, Can you give us clues of what to expect?
I present the best up and coming bands across the U.K. what makes the show different is that while the songs are playing the bands are tweeting live on twitter, often sharing insight into the track the listener is hearing at the time. So it’s a like a live VH1 storytellers for those who can remember! If you’re not on twitter that’s cool, just listen to the tunes.

A question I ask most people is, what would you change about the music industry?
Streaming. CEOs of the streaming companies seem out of touch with the reality of how very little the artist earns from streaming. A better distribution of wealth would be a good start.

If You were doing an Unsigned Glastonbury festival, who would be your main acts on all three nights?

Wow what a question. I’m so sorry to all the bands I’m gonna miss here…

The Royston Club, The Capollos, The Heavy North. 

Ask me again tomorrow I’ll prob say something different!

You have £1 on the jukebox, What three tracks are you going to play?

Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing 

Oasis – Rock n Roll Star

Stereophonics- Bartender and the Thief

Remember to tune in Wednesday 9th December at 8pm for 2 hours of #DPHappyHour on In Your Ears Radio.



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