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Apollo Junction are an electro, anthemic rock and roll band mixing strong indie guitar hooks, driving bass and passionate vocals. From New Order through U2, to The Cure, The Charlatans and Daft Punk, Apollo Junction use their influences to write insanely memorable, hugely uplifting tunes. The band have caught the attention of everyone from Radio DJs to the national press to film directors and TV producers. With their big hearted indie pop electronica they are poised to make a real impact in 2019. 

Who Are Apollo Junction?

Hi, we are Apollo Junction and we are a 5 piece band from gods own county, Yorkshire. We’re 5 best mates that came together a few years ago out of the love of writing new music.

How did you get together?

We were all in different bands in and around Leeds, but we all knew of each other and some of us were also mates from before. When those bands all separated we formed our new band. We came together as we all had similar influences and ideas and when we had our first rehearsal (sounds a little cringe) but everything just clicked and felt right, and the rest is history as they say…  


Who are your Biggest influences?

Well, we are all very individual in our influences and that’s what makes us sound and write the way we do. We all have a foundation, admiration and love for the great song writers, Lennon & McCartney, Bowie, Dylan etc but we also have a number of bands and artists that we all love (The Beatles, New Order, U2, Oasis to name but a few). For me personally (Jonny the drummer by the way), I love great songs, and great players, some of my big drummer influences range from Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, John Bonham through to Neil Peart, Taylor Hawkins and Chad Smith…


What is your writing process like?

There is usually an idea that is brought forward by a member which could be a guitar riff or a keys melody, or a drum pattern and then collectively over time gets turned into a song. We then usually record a ‘demo’ version of this in our home studio which we then circulate to our close confidants for feedback and once we and the team are all happy we head into the studio to record it ‘properly’…


Last year you released the Album Mystery, what was that like? which is your favourite track from the album?

It was a real moment for us a band. We’ve worked so hard over the years on our songs so to finally put out our debut album was a great achievement and the response we got from our fans was astronomical, we were all blown away. We all have our favourite songs off the record; for me, Born for Now always holds that special place for me. It was a great song to record in the studio, it has big drums and big fills, it’s always a great fun to play live and when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I heard it on vinyl for the first time recently and it bought a whole new dynamic to the record.

What has been the best venue you have played at so far?

We have had the absolute privilege of gracing many of the great venues and festival stages across the UK during our time as a band, each one memorable for different reasons. For me, coming back to our hometown of Leeds is always a magical moment, nothing compares to your hometown crowd. Every city and town we play in, the crowd and the way they interact varies massively, but last year when we arrived back in Leeds after a lengthy stint on the road we played an intimate sold out show at the Belgrave Music Hall and everyone was just going mad for it. There was a moment when the entire room was singing back the chorus to Born for Now, and we all stopped, looked at each other on stage, we didn’t have to say anything, we just acknowledged each other, smiled and revelled in the moment and how special it really was…

How would you change the music Industry?
Well it sounds a little cliché but the music industry needs as much help as it can as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. We have been quite fortunate that it hasn’t massively impacted us as a band, yes we had all of our summer tour cancelled and rescheduled but we are all safe and well and that’s what matters. For music venues though, they have had a huge impact to their business and we need them to stay open and be supported now more than ever… Music plays a pivotal role in society and a world without it doesn’t seem right…


What Independent bands are you listening to?
We love supporting fellow independent bands and we are currently listening to bands like The Sheratons, Fontaine’s DC, and Sports Team


What has lockdown been like for you?

We have had some gigs cancelled and some shows rescheduled to 2021, which has been a massive shame for us, but we’ve used the time to the best of our ability and in the best way we can. Writing songs, engaging with our fans, doing things a bit differently in terms of recording acoustic versions of our songs and putting these out online which has enabled us to connect even more so with our fans. We also announced a re-release of our debut album on vinyl which comes out in the fall.

whats Next for Apollo Junction?

We are in the studio for most of August finishing album 2 which we hope will be out next year. Our new single ‘Borderlines’ is out in September. We are frantically rearranging shows for next year and earlier this month we announced our biggest hometown Leeds show in March at the Warehouse. 2021  also sees us play some big shows with the Kaiser Chiefs and festivals already confirmed include Isle of Wight and Bingley Music Live – so loads going on and really do hope to see as many of you at a show soon..  


Thank you for the interview lads, Below are the links to  Apollo Junction\’s Socials and we will be playing a track from the band this Sunday!


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