Interview With Antonia Grace

French-born and London-based, Antonia Grace could certainly never be accused of taking her time, acting in musical theatre since she was only five-years old and performing as a singer in front of 1000 people when she was still only seven! She has quickly adapted to writing her own lyrics, keen to give young people of her age a voice in a society which often silences anyone below voting age. Antonia has already performed live in not only her native France, but also at a vocal showcase in Los Angeles, where she won the Best Music Video Award at the Vocalstar Awards, whilst also rubbing shoulders with famous producers.

Who is Antonia Grace ? 

I am a singer and songwriter. I have also played in quite a few US, French and even Japanese movies, and TV series.  I was born in the suburbs of Paris. At the age of 5 I started Drama lessons and later on I joint the International Music Theatre Academy in Paris.  At the age of 7, I even performed on stage in front of 1000 people making my own stand up show with famous actors. It is called Jamel Comedy Kids Show.  I quickly understood that the singing part was my favourite, and I asked my parents to develop myself in this direction.  One year ago, I had a vocal audition organised by International Jury from the Music Industry (VocalStar) and I was selected to present my showcase in Hollywood the same year. While in Hollywood, I received the Best Music Award for Music video from James Maslow, known for Big Time Rush, and also had several call backs from award winning Music producers and signed a contract with one of them.  My very first single N.E Thing was recorded in the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. Last December I moved with my family to London to record my debut EP ‘’London Grace’’, which will be released on the 23d of November this year. Two of the songs ‘’My Little Ten’’ and ‘’Tick Tock and Bonbons’’ were already released and received a big and amazing acclaim from the media. Today, I write myself all the lyrics of my songs, record them in the studio in UK and all postproduction is taken place in Los Angeles. 


How did you get into music ? 

I became really obsessed with singing and performing when I went to see Depeche Mode live in concert. I was even noticed among thousands of fans in Bercy Concert Arena and was projected on the big screen just behind the band while they were playing. This was incredible moment for me, like a dream came true !  Dave Gahan, the lead vocal, sent me hearts and blew kisses during the show and fans around me were wondering who I am ! After going to a concert with my mum who is a big, big fan of Depeche Mode, I was hooked on performing and have never looked back since. I started to take vocal lessons with my teacher in parallel with singing in Musical Theatre Academy and today I am proud to say that my vocal coach is Jono McNeil in UK. 


Who are your influences in music ? 

Well, of course it’s Depeche Mode ! I love this band; Dave is a great singer and performer. I am also inspired by their style of music, lyrics. Besides Depeche Mode, I love Lady Gaga. The fact she combines singing and acting activity makes me feel I can do it as well. She is a great performer as well ! I love singers who stand out ! 


What’s it like being a 10-year-old pop star ? 

It makes you more organised, you need to prioritise things and manage school as well. Every week end I plan my week ahead, the days I am in studio, the songs, covers I need to rehearse, and sometimes I have also auditions in between. It’s very tight in time and I wish I had more time for friends, but it’s my choice. 


What’s the reception been like for your latest track? 

Both tracks My Little Ten and Tick Tock and Bonbons received amazing acclaim. Two songs are completely different, but I wanted to reflect the mood of teens today, how they feel, what they live every day. We do have a little voice in society today and I want to sing on behalf of ‘’all of us’’. Media felt what want to transmit as a message and it was highly appreciated. 


What’s lockdown been like for you ? 

I was not annoyed during lockdown time. Online school in April, May, and today we continue going to school, so it’s even better ! We still have Musical Theatre classes online, spend more time in family which is for me precious moments. I’ve been also recording a lot, working on my voice and writing songs for my new potential album in 2021. 


What’s next for Antonia Grace ? 

After the release of the EP of 5 songs ‘’London Grace’’ in November, I record a cover for children for Xmas time and then I can start preparing the next year release. I count to release the album this time as I have lot of inspiration !