Happy New Year

Happy New Year from us all at In Your Ears Music!!!!

Welcome to our new website!! It’s lush isn’t it? Thank you to everyone who has supported and worked with us since we started this little project! We have some massive goals for In Your Ears Music in 2021, We want to have the best upcoming station for Under The Radar Music, and we also want to support more bands through doing more activities with them and merch deals. 

That is why we are launching a Patreon account and will look for music sponsors for the website, From £3 you can help us achieve our goal in supporting the independent scene.

The benefits are

Early access to updates, tickets, releases from Us.

Q and A Sessions with Bands.


Monthly Prize Draws.

There is also a £13 tier which will include a monthly merch from a band!

Why Support us?

Our Goal with In Your Ears is to use it as a Community that people can use as well as us. Like Dan Potter On Radio – Total freedom for his show! The site would be there for anyone interested in blogs reviews and more too.
At the moment we put around £30-£40 a month into it!! But I’m hoping to work with some Independent music shops and promoters and a patreon to gain a little toward with the plan to use any money left to hire rehearsal studios for bands and buys some of the bands merch to put in prize draws. and work on doing a monthly One of merch plan with different band a month.

Basically our plan us to use any money raised to help fund In Your Ears and then support independent artists! 

Our 2021 plans

By The end of 2021 we want to be in phase 3 of the radio station, that’s to have an evening host most evenings. We also want to be able to have the funds to look at the right licence for the radio that supports Independent music.

We aim to crack out more interviews and get other people involved!

Our Roundtable series will start and it will involve some of the best music promoters and artists talking about what they love!

Livestreams- We want to host livestreams with bands.

Q and A Sessions with artists where we and some of our patreons spend 30-45 minutes talking to them.

The Top Of The Radar Series with Dan Potter which will see us work with some of the best music promoters to put together and Independent Chart Show!


In Your Ears Music is not just our little project, it’s a little community where people can join in and work together!!

for more information on the Patreon and Sponsors please click here.