Category: Under The Radar

  • Under The Radar: Ciara Watt

    With her melodic, acoustic folk-pop, Scottish singer/songwriter Ciara Watt has combined her love of storytelling and rhyme with her talent for writing melodies and songs. At only nineteen years old, Ciara has supported bands such as The Snuts as part of their 2019 tour and has written countless songs to soundtrack her story so far.…

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  • Under The Radar : The Sprats

    Under The Radar @thespratsband A messy rock & roll band, from Burnley/Rochdale, all about having a good time. With heavy riffs added with keyboard and synth, the band is loud, energetic and raw. Their debut single “Why Would I with You” was recorded at Voltalab in Rochdale. When recording a song they aim to capture…

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  • Under The Radar: The Madisons

    The Madisons were formed in late 2020 when guitarist Louis Fleming met bassist Archie Brook at a party in Sheffield. They decided to form a band, with Archie bringing in singer Lewis Taylor and drummer Alex Whitaker. Louis brought in his twin brother Isaac to complete the lineup. The band practised together throughout 2021, with…

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